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Here is a sample of custom heads/action figures I have painted.   The name of the head sculpt appears below each picture. 

Gilbert Wythehonde Sculpt

Customized Johnny West
Head by John Wozny

Customized Jane West
Head by John Wozny


Hadrian West Sculpt

John Muir Sculpt

Frank Bowers Sculpt


Charlton Heston Sculpt

Nicholas St. Clair Sculpt

Sherman McMasters Sculpt

Clint Eastwood Sculpt

Suzie Cobra Sculpt Jennalee Maddox Sculpt Jenny West Sculpt  

Elizabeth Custer Sculpt

Jane West Sculpt

Sam Cobra Sculpt


Heath Barkley Sculpt Everett Hitch Sculpt Bill Dooley Sculpt
Tucker McConnell Sculpt Caroline Garrett Sculpt Heath Barkley Sculpt Elijah Hamilton Sculpt Kevin Costner Sculpt
Jacob Turner Sculpt Jim Barker Sculpt Paul Newman Sculpt    


Moon Shadow Sculpt

Barking Wolf Sculpt

Jenny West Sculpt

Caroline Garrett Sculpt

Spotted Owl Sculpt


Thunder Hawk Sculpt "Princess Sunflower" Robin Song Sculpt Wind Rider Sculpt
Chief Iron Horse Sculpt    "Little Fawn"    





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